Our founder Melissa Orozco, will be speaking at SociaLIGHT this Saturday on how Yulu found success through being a cause-based agency and a B Corporation, and a big idea she’s seen work: “Impact Relations.” To add to the celebration, we have 5 tickets to give away to SociaLIGHT. For a chance to win, tag us in a post with your story or perspective on what it means to leave this world better than you found it


Vancouver Public Speaker

Here’s a shot of Melissa sharing our unsexy story in her sexy voice (aka she lost her voice) at SociaLIGHT. All jokes aside, she gave a passionate speech on why companies/CEOs don’t need an enticing, sexy story attached to their impact in order to gain attention. Just keep it real, be authentic, and do what you feel is right, not what sounds cool.