If Oprah loves it, it must be good. This year, Oprah includes “gratitude jars” in her 2017 gift guide, something that’s been part of Yulu Culture since we began. Gratitude is a wonderful way to invoke positive emotions and happiness, and we keep our own jars full of good memories the entire year until we read them the morning after our annual Christmas party. Try telling us there’s something better than waffles and good vibes.

“I’m grateful somebody came up with the Gratitude Glass Jar. It includes 365 cards so your family can take turns jotting down notes about things they truly appreciate. At the end of the year, everyone can gather for a celebration of whatever is on those cards.”?Oprah

Landed a major media hit? Client awarded an impressive accolade? Yuluite brought in home-baked cookies? Put it in the gratitude jar!