Naomi Ryan


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Naomi was steeped in the ancient and damp magic of the Pacific Northwest. As a kid, she would stay up way past her bedtime reading almost exclusively Stephen King novels. As an adult, she hasn’t managed to break this habit, but she has expanded her repertoire to include some non-fiction titles. Naomi’s bookworm tendencies spurred a lifelong love of language and made her a firm believer in the power of narrative to influence human behavior.

Naomi graduated with a bachelors of Liberal Arts and Sciences from Quest, a small university in Squamish, BC. Naomi attributes her critical thinking skills and her passion for social justice to her time at Quest, where she had the privilege of being surrounded by brilliant and curious minds from all over the globe. Quest students are encouraged to follow their academic whims and Naomi was no exception. Her undergraduate thesis was an anthology of student-written erotic writing titled Reading Between the Thighs, a title that still has the power to make her turn beet red years after its publication.

After graduating Naomi interned at Toronto based non-profit that encouraged youth activism and engagement through arts practices. She loved the vibrant community she found there, but she missed the mountains and the breeze off the Pacific. So she returned to her favorite coast, moving into a cramped basement in Vancouver to pursue her dream of helping people tell their stories. She threw herself into the Vancouver arts and activist communities, working as a social media strategist for Adbusters, and subsequently as the producer of the SADCAST, a podcast hosted by the creative director of SAD Magazine. Through the show she met other storytellers working in communications which inspired her to apply for a PR internship. She sought out agencies that emphasized the importance of social and environmental responsibility and subsequently found Yulu. It all seemed too good to be true, but here she is.

In her spare time, Naomi can be found staring in awe at large bodies of water, reading (you guessed it, Stephen King), and procrasti-cleaning while listening to true crime podcasts.