Dan Reitman


A passionate storyteller, copywriter, and failed breakdancer — who keeps trying nonetheless – Dan Reitman began his copywriting career as a content provider for the online resort portal, www.findwhistler.com, in the early 2000’s. He then went on to work as a merchandiser, marketer, and ecommerce manager for clothing retailer RW&Co .

Dan left the corporate fold in 2010 to develop original online content for a web TV series and to create copy for Dolbeau, a boutique men’s clothing label, Telus, and d’Youville, a Montreal-based communications agency. In 2012 he co-founded and became creative director of Wheelhouse, a Vancouver-based creative agency.

Dan has a unique way with words. He likes to say he combines the sass of an uppity teenager, the dogged work ethic of an immigrant, the urgency of a speeding ambulance, and the polish of a lawyer chasing said ambulance. We would prefer he not say any of those things.

Dan has built up a portfolio of compelling copy for a broad range of clients: healthcare; hospitality; not-for-profit; apparel; consumer products; software and bio-tech. Whatever the project, Dan brings a passion for elevating a brand’s Big Story and helping it resonate with audiences.

Dan is also a prolific blogger and humourist, contributing original content to such popular sites as Thought Catalog, Gawker, and Vertical Scope.

An East Coast transplant, when he isn’t crafting slogans or spinning yarns, Dan loves the outdoors, shrimp tacos, and posting up at his favourite coffee shop, where he reads his favourite car magazines tucked inside The New Yorker or Economist, because image is everything.