Ashley Letts

Senior Consultant

Ashley assists with strategy and client relations on all accounts within the agency. An avid writer, she considered a career in journalism but loves being an evangelist for causes she believes in – without the requisite objectivity. As Yulu’s chief copywriter, she wordsmiths clients’ stories, contributed articles, pitches and websites. Her instinct to wax poetic is ever tempered by her ruthless inner word economist; her love for the semicolon rivalled only by her hatred of the exclamation point.

In her initial year at Yulu, Ashley worked on a campaign that helped Vancouver Farmers Markets realize its busiest season ever, landed a local CEO on CNN to talk about inspiring employees to set lofty goals, and secured a full-page spread on the cover of the business section for a luxury health club owner looking to diversify his coverage. Ashley has since worked on creative campaigns running the gamut from impact relations to thought leadership for Donnelly Group, Okanagan Spring, Happy Planet, RED Mountain Resort, Institute B and BroadbandTV, to name a few. Ashley’s favourite campaigns are those that show a little chutzpah. She’s a strong believer that personality and professionalism are not mutually exclusive.

Some of the things she loves most about her job are the ability to shape the corporate culture (formidable, but not too serious) and mentoring junior staff on writing, pitching and earning clients’ trust. Ashley has volunteered with Megaphone Magazine, the Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI) and Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS). She first rocketed to Vancouver PR stardom by representing brunch.