You may have had a conversation with her on the phone…you’ve probably chatted with her over email and if you follow @YuluPR, you’ve read her tweets…now for a close-up exclusive with the real Saschie MacLean!


1.    What do you love most about working on Granville Island?

The convenient access to delicious, fresh foods! All of the vendors on the island are so neighbourly which makes it fun when you step out of the office for coffee or lunch.

2.    What can’t you leave the house without?

iPhone and Rosebud lip balm

3.    Any other career dreams before you ventured out into the PR world?

I originally went to university with the intention of becoming a doctor – after one semester I realized that it was not my cup of tea.

4.    What is your super power strength that you think makes you rock at your job?

Every year throughout grade school my report card noted that I was a “social butterfly.” My natural love for communicating and engaging are being put to good use!

5.    What’s the most exciting piece of media coverage you’ve earned this year?

An event I was coordinating got a huge photo on the front page of the Vancouver Sun.

6.    What inspires you?

I love the recharged feeling I walk away with after speaking to individuals who are doing something they are passionate about; interacting with people who are in their element or are pursuing their dreams is the most inspiring to me.

7.    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ideally, working out of Yulu’s NYC office 😉

8. What’s your most used gadget or electronic aside from your phone?

My ipad

9.    Finish the sentence:

On a Friday night you could find me… sitting on a patio in Gastown indulging in something delicious!

10.  What’s your favourite:

  • Iphone app? Instagram
  • Magazine? ELLE
  • Website? (girly, beautiful, and inspiring)
  • Newspaper? National Post
  • Music to listen to while working? Florence and the Machine or any classic hip hop / R&B