Proud rescue dog mom. Grammar pro with skills superior even to Webster’s dictionary. And it’s not like she mentions this 5 times a day, but Yulu’s very first publicist hired. Ashley Letts is a mentor for other members of the team on all things PR ? from copywriting to client relations ? and runs her team with both kindness and efficiency (except when you overuse exclamation marks. Don’t do it.)

Name + role at Yulu?
Ashley Letts, Senior Consultant

What are you most excited about when you wake up and you?re about to go to work??
I get to tell stories that matter for a living, and I get to do it with a group of whip-smart women. I’m always excited to see which new reporters my pitches will resonate with.

Favourite campaign you?ve worked on at Yulu??
Tough to nail down a single campaign, but sharing stories of social entrepreneurs from Red Bull Amaphiko Academy is up there. I’m also enjoying pitching how the role of brands is changing in the chaos of the Trump era.

Favourite Yulu tradition??
Our yearly retreats where we reset, reconnect, and revisit our painted picture. Though our occasional mid-week happy hours are always a lot of fun, too.

Most rewarding?experience so far in your time at Yulu??
Having the opportunity to mentor and be mentored by some amazing PR talent. It was an easy decision to come back to a place that’s always felt like home.

Describe Yulu culture in 3 words.?
Earnest, Purposeful, Powerful.

A social issue you are particularly passionate about??
Climate change

Climate change is the single biggest threat facing us right now, and human activity is driving the sixth mass extinction (kind of a downer, I know). I’m aware that my generation may have to have difficult conversations with their kids about whether bringing more people into the world is a fair thing to do.

What drives you? What are you passionate about??
Compassion and the desire to do the right thing. Finding a way to use hope to motivate people.

An interesting fact we should know about you??
My mother tells me when I was a baby, Tony Bennett kissed me in Edmonton airport and said “What a doll.” Given Mum’s penchant for embellishment this may or may not be true.

Who is your role model??
Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York. His ability to see profoundness in the everyday is something I deeply admire. I’ve never read Harry Potter, but I also love JK Rowling’s unflinching ability to call out injustice and take ignoramuses to task.