A nasty posting on a company’s Facebook wall is not exactly an ideal situation – But if it does happen, you want to be prepared. We’ve decided to share with you five tips on how to respond to a nasty posting on your Facebook wall.

If it’s too nasty, delete it – Unless the comment is relevant (and constructive) criticism, shared in a thoughtful way that contributes to conversation, delete. By allowing nasty comments to go live on your Facebook wall, you’re ignoring the meaningful conversations that could be happening. Never allow hate comments, such as racism, or comments with profanity.

Do not wait to respond – Waiting will only make it worse. Make sure your company is the first to respond – not another Facebook user or consumer.

Keep the person who posted the comment informed on Facebook with any updates – “Hi XXX, I’ve passed along your comment to our Customer Experience representative/team. Would it be okay for them to contact you directly?”)

Remain calm – Do not respond in an emotional or impassioned way. Instead, state the facts and move on.

Put a commenting policy in place Put it in your About tab. Let your Facebook community know that you welcome constructive criticism, but in a respectful manner. Make it known that profanity and personal attacks are not allowed, and will be deleted. That way, you can point to something when and if you need to delete a comment.