Last month, a group of journalists convened for “Twitch! Communications in the Age of Social Media” to discuss their opinions on current social media strategies. We sometimes forget that a social media audience includes journalists, too. Many reporters check Twitter and Facebook every morning to find news that no one else is writing about.

Here are some notable thoughts on modern day communications. They just might help you land your next media hit…

Befriending reporters on social media:

“I’ll [follow] anybody, because you never know when someone will tweet something newsworthy, […] people tweet me stuff all the time, and some things are turned into stories.” Mike Debonis (@mikedebonis), The Washington Post.

Pitching on social media:

“When people pitch me from social media, I don’t look at it any differently than an email. If it works for them and it works for me, I don’t really care where I get the pitch.” Jenee Desmond-Harris (@jdesmondharris), The Root

“If you can pitch me in 140 characters, great! Thoughtful pitches are like Christmas, […] pitching in 140 characters is an added bonus.” Molly McCluskey (@mollyemccluskey), Freelance

Going for the big fish:

“People never pitch me via Twitter, but I’m open to it. I’m careful what I put on social media, because I work for a corporate news organization. My retweets do not equal endorsements.” Stacy Samuel (@sss2128), CNN

The modern pitching method:

Julie Bykowicz (@Bykowicz), Bloomberg News, feels that phone pitches are intrusive, like “someone knocking on your front door,” and is beginning to feel that emails are too long. “Twitter allows me to see if I’m interested and follow up for more information if necessary,” she said. “For those people I can’t get on the phone or email, I might use a tweet, for example: Donald Trump.”

Source: Ragan