November 12, 2021

Us too. As the climate crisis continues to accelerate, so too can the feeling of climate-anxiety and a feeling of powerlessness.

Our environmental team at Yulu is fortunate to spend our days amplifying awareness of solutions to the climate crisis. And this means we are always on the lookout for the latest climate books that are influencing action, whether that’s from governments, businesses, investors or the public. 

If you’re looking for some book inspiration, here’s our top 5 recommendations for 2021 for understanding the causes of the climate crisis and what you can do to address it. 


Just released this year, this book is a great starting place for understanding the numbers behind carbon emissions and how these have led us to our current climate situation. The language is accessible and hopeful, and demonstrates the areas that need to change in our lives to make a meaningful difference. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, this book could inspire your next climate-fighting venture.


Launched in 2020, Tom’s book is a counter-narrative to Noami Klein’s Green New Deal. It’s an engaging and lively read that emphasizes the urgent need to act within the current system; and it has a clear call to action for investment into the large-scale climate solutions (e.g. long duration energy storage) we need to solve this crisis. 

If you’re an investor, this book is for you. 


While this book is now a couple of years old, it was – and remains – the most comprehensive plan for all the solutions we need to tackle the climate crisis, coupled with estimations of the quantity of emissions that will be removed by each solution. It covers the obvious solutions (the clean energy transition) to the not so obvious solutions (educating women in Africa). 

If you’re organized and like a clear ‘plan,’ this book is for you. 


This book is to be read and digested slowly. Launched during Climate Week in 2020, it’s packed with essays from women writers, experts and poets at the forefront of the climate movement. The essays led with optimism and hope, and will leave a lasting impression on the multitude of people fighting climate change from every corner and every perspective globally. 

If you’re a deep thinker, this book is for you. 


The fifth and final recommendation is a work of fiction, but steeped in science, and explores the interconnected relationship between trees and how they can ‘talk’ to one another. It’s an epic novel that draws comparisons between the relatively fleeting and fast experiences of our human lives, to the much longer, slower existence of the natural environment that surrounds us.

If you love being in nature and surrounded by trees, this book is for you. 


I’m always on the lookout for new climate books: if you have a recommendation for a climate or environmental book that’s worth a read, do drop me a line – I’d love to hear (