Claudia Richard


Claudia Richard, PR Communication Manager of Yulu, smiling on front of plants.

Claudia is a PR and communications director with over 10 years experience leading global corporate and consumer campaigns from the UK and Canada.


A believer in using communications as a force for good, Claudia works with clients to drive and share their positive social and environmental impact. Having led both agency and in-house teams, Claudia is experienced in 360-degree campaign development, thought leadership, content strategy, stakeholder engagement, and crisis response. She is also trained in sustainable grant giving models, community benefit fund structures and investor relations.


Claudia joined Yulu in the summer of 2020 after an eight-year stint in the UK, where she worked with international brands including Shell, Huawei, the IAG Group, ROCKWOOL, Envision Energy, and the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative.


Passionate about big ideas and big campaigns, key achievements throughout Claudia’s career include: launching a clean concept car at the Geneva Motor Show with coverage in Wallpaper* and WIRED; leading event strategy and media for clients at New York Climate Week; managing communications for a roundtable on carbon in the aviation sector at the IATA conference in Korea; and coordinating global media for GE’s annual oil and gas meeting conference in Italy and improving year on year coverage for three consecutive years. To add to her list of career highlights, she has also fed the Dalai Lama a cookie – yes, you read that correctly.


Outside of the office, she is a FA-qualified soccer (football) coach and a recreational wedding cake baker. A proud UBC Thunderbirds alumni, Claudia is a former national-level 400m hurdler and is passionate about all things sport.