We are excited to kick off our monthly blog series, Ask a Reporter. Each month, Yulu will chat with a journalist and gain insight into their industry, view point, and personality. With Cupid’s season upon us, this month we spoke to relationship columnist Amy C. Amy writes for Huffington Post, Vancouver Sun, and 24 Hours on all things love. She opened up to us about how PR professionals can impress a reporter.

Thanks to our first guest, Amy for her fabulous insight!

What is your beat?

My main “beat” is relationships. But I also write on travel, food and events.

What topics or stories are especially appealing to you?

I find topics on relationships, brain chemistry, how culture/media affects behavior, evolvement and human empowerment interesting.

How would you like PR people to get in touch with you about relevant news and story topics?  

Via email. Long press releases sent via email do not work. I don’t have time to read it. A few brief points along with a sentence or two of how it could be of value to me would be appreciated.

What can PR professionals do to optimize their chances of getting your attention?

Start with a value exchange instead of just asking for free press.

What are your PR pet peeves? 

PR people who I have no relationship with who do not consider what value they can bring to the table, and just ask for press without reciprocation. I believe in any relationship, business, platonic or romantic, you must come to the table with what you can offer as value, and not approach a new relationship with what you can get out of it. Also, I’ve provided publicity for companies and have not received even a ‘thank you’. When there is no appreciation or acknowledgement, I’ll likely not write them up again.

What things are PR people doing well and should do more of? 

I received an amazing package from the PR team for ONE coconut water. It included some samples and a hand written letter personalized to me. I was so impressed. Personal touches go a long way.


Amy is a relationship writer with her own “Ask Amy” column in the 24 Hours newspaper. She is also a blogger for the Huffington Post and the Vancouver Sun. To read more of her blogs, visit www.amyfabulous.com.