How PR Professionals Can More Effectively Connect with Mom Bloggers

– By Jessica Van – Yulu’s Aspiring Changemaker

With growing influence on the web and social media, mom bloggers are increasingly targeted by marketers and PR professionals seeking an ‘in’ into the lucrative mom market. We contacted some of Canada’s most established mom bloggers for their input on how PR professionals can effectively engage them. Here’s what they said.

Christine Pilkington
Founder and publisher of, Founder of City Mom Now, publisher and editor of Entrepreneur Mom Now

Twitter: @chrispilkington @CityMomNow @EMomNow
Favourite Blog: Mashable

My two cents to PR Professionals:
Don’t call it a mommy blog. Mom blog is fine if you need to classify. Read the site and know the content. Generic pitches really don’t stand out. Don’t expect all blogs to just do a review or giveaway for free just to provide value for readers.

Connie Peters
Founder of Modern Mama

Twitter: @modern_mama
Favourite blog: Simply Stylish Mom

My two cents to PR professionals:
I think my biggest beef is when a PR company reaches out and I respond and then I never hear from them again. It’s happened quite a bit.

Ali Martell
Editor-in-chief of Yummy Mummy Club, blogger extraordinaire behind Cheaper Than Therapy

Twitter: @alimartell
Favourite Blog: Motherhood UncensoredAll & SundryDasBecca

My two cents to PR Professionals:
I’ll give you an example of something that worked for me. I tweeted that I had never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The next day, a PR person emailed me, she said she had read my tweet, and wanted to send me something to make my dream come true. At my door arrived a giant box filled with peanut butter, jelly, bread, and all sorts of fun stuff. She worked with a brand and sent me the stuff. It was nothing, I’m sure, for her, but it meant so much to me. It meant that she cared enough to PAY ATTENTION to what I was talking about and worked towards leaving a mark.

Angella Dykstra
Blogger extraordinarie behind Dutch Blitz

Twitter: @AngellaD
Favourite blogs: Sweet|Salty and All & Sundry

My two cents to PR professionals:
Know where I live. It’s not a secret if you’ve read my site, so getting pitches for events in cities across the country/continent/globe show me immediately that I’m part of a blanket email from someone who has no idea who I am. Also, tie your product or client to facts that are out there about me. My kids are out of diapers, so that’s off the table. My kids aren’t teenagers, so products for that age set don’t work either. We are an active family, and a recent partnership was for a water-resistant purse/pouch. Between beach trips and skiing days, it was/is relevant to my life.

Julie Nowell
Chief contributor and co-founder of Mom Inc. Movement

Twitter: @julienowell
Favourite blogs: Scary Mommy and Nucking Futs Mama

My two cents to PR professionals:
A PR company should get my style. I can write with a bit of an edge sometimes. If that isn’t what you want, don’t call me! I actually live my brand. I am a mom; I am a business person; I am clever and I can be funny. Which means I want to participate in things that relate to my family and I. Don’t ask me to give my opinion or my blog skills to something that isn’t my market. Give us something in return. Not products, or money necessarily but tweets, mentions and a bit of love back when we ask for it…and if we are the good people, we will only ask for it when we need it and when it is relevant! Fab invites to exclusive things also ROCK!