Sandy Wong

Senior Account Manager

Sandy is a seasoned marketing and communications  professional who has spent more than 15 years working between Toronto and Vancouver in the heart of the finance industry. She has run successful campaigns for the likes of tier-one global financial institutions, including Phillips, Hager and North, Franklin Templeton, and RBC.

A passionate storyteller with a knack for developing killer key messages, Sandy has helped brands ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms get noticed. Having spent her career mucking around in the financial industry, she has a knack for distilling down complex financial concepts and helping build financial literacy among investors. That’s everything from talking about conventional mutual funds to alternative strategies and impact investments.

In the private equity realm, Sandy worked for one of Canada’s most prominent late-stage venture capitalists, where she told the stories of Canada’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries, including infrastructure, finance, tech, biotech, pharma and life sciences.

Sandy has led high-octane creative teams and knows a thing or two about how ideation turns into return on investment. For her, each day involves serious out-of-the-box thinking, a finger on the pulse of social discourse, and, frankly, a willingness to leave the status quo in the dust.

Today, she is passionate about championing the conscious capitalists out there – those social innovators and enterprises who are interested in looking beyond a single bottom line.

And who ever said Sartre and Socrates have no place in the halls of business? Sandy regularly draws on her dual commerce and philosophy degrees, gallons of caffeine, and generally superhuman work ethic to produce results clients love.

When not carefully cultivating brands or dreaming up the next big idea, Sandy ensures her passport is well worn – purchasing carbon offsets along the way, of course. She once trekked through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco in a pair of knock-off Nikes picked up from a market stall in Marrakech. Oh, and she will do just about anything for a kick-ass macaron.