Little Fish, a World of Impact

Helping a social enterprise in their mission to combat iron deficiency by putting a fish in every pot

Lucky Iron Fish is a fellow B Corp that is disrupting how the world approaches micronutrient deficiency ­­– specifically iron deficiency anemia – an epidemic that affects more than two billion people in the developed and developing world.


Ahead of his trip to India, Dr. Gavin Armstrong – recently voted to Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30 ­– tapped Yulu to increase the presence of Lucky Iron Fish in holiday gift guides. His business was growing and he was looking for ways to scale it up and increase market penetration. In 2015, Lucky Iron Fish’s sales grew from 100 fish sold per month to 100 fish sold per hour.


Lucky Iron Fish had secured healthy media coverage to date, but its presence in holiday gift guides was patchy. During the biggest sales opportunity of the year, and among countless creative consumer products fighting for inclusion in holiday gift idea round ups, we had to demonstrate Lucky Iron Fish’s unique offering as a gift that truly keeps on giving.


Yulu positioned Lucky Iron Fish as a holiday gift with big impact, perfect for a range of giftees: the socially conscious shopper; the thoughtful hostess; the nutrition-conscious parent; the vegan foodie; or even the connoisseur of award-winning design. We shared the top reasons to gift a Fish during the holiday season, highlighting Lucky Iron Fish’s inspiring global impact.


We secured gift guide coverage for Lucky Iron Fish across a broad cross-section of lifestyle and health outlets, including The Kitchn, Prevention Magazine, Wellness Mama, and a number of popular influencer blogs in North America. Conscious consumers were sold on the company’s great backstory and impact-focused Buy-One-Give-One model. Its mindshare among holiday shoppers increased dramatically, and Lucky Iron Fish enjoyed its strongest holiday sales to date. Yulu is now Lucky Iron Fish’s proud agency of record.