Esther Tung

Senior Account Executive and Community Cultivator

Esther (AKA ET) can turn a thousand lines of code into a beautiful, human story. She specializes in social enterprise and tech PR, and has positioned clients as thought leaders in top outlets including Fortune, Fast Company, and The Atlantic. She is also the primary flag-waver for Yulu’s involvement with our B Corporation community.

Esther is intensely rooted in the intersection where tech and social change collide. In 2013, she co-founded a Bitcoin consulting company. By positioning the technology as one with great potential for social change, she secured national media coverage for her startup. It was there she first learned how to chew through technical jargon and create people-focused concepts. If you sit in a meeting with Esther today, you’ll enjoy watching her dive headfirst into any ocean of complex ideas and topics, identifying the details that matter most to the media and her clients’ targeted audience.

Before Esther embarked on her career of using PR as a force for good, she started an online lifestyle and events magazine while living Hong Kong. Indomitably spirited and tenacious, Esther’s passion projects include organizing performances for budding poets and musicians, and tasting every craft cider from the northwest.

Esther graduated with a B.A. in Communications from Simon Fraser University, with a focus on political economy.